Lighting applications in final assembly

Our solutions for safe and reliable lighting applications in final assembly.

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Challenges in lighting applications:

When assembling a light module, the most challenging part is to achieve a hermetically seal bond, to avoid contamination and condensation in the inside of the module. This is often achieved by using a 2C adhesive.

At Atlas Copco we have the knowledge and products to prevent your material from unwanted curing, extend your uptime and lower your process costs.

Our solution:

When a light gets assembled, the surface must be pre-treated to achieve the best bond. The goal of the bond is to be a hermetically seal, to avoid contamination and condensation in the inside of the module.

Due to a lack of a physical curing mechanism the used adhesive is often a 2C. When working with a 2C adhesive a controlled material flow is mandatory to prevent unwanted curing. Our product line SCA offers a flexible metering system, which allows to control the material flow of each component individually and solves this issue.

Another challenge when working with 2C is to keep the material constantly the same temperature. If the material gets too hot, the adhesive would cure too fast and the open time would change. This would ruin your cycle time and create downtime. Our hybrid peltier technology and our water-cooled hoses ensure our customers a stable quality, even in hot climate conditions. We provide you the best service – wherever you are.