Flow drill fastening

Flow drill fastening

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Meeting future joining challenges

Assembly of electric and other lightweight vehicles increasingly requires joining of new materials, more complex structures and mixed compounds. An effective solution is flow drill fastening, a method suitable for similar and mixed materials, steel and aluminum.

A reliable joint with one-sided access

A big advantage of flow drilling is that only one-sided access is required. Used mainly in body shop applications in the automotive industry, the technique utilizes a fastener as both drill and joining element. The screw is rotated at high speed and pressure to warm up the material. This allows the fastener to push through the material stack, cutting the thread in the process – an efficient and flexible joining technology.

Highest industry standards

Atlas Copco's advanced K-Flow joining systems are built to the highest standards, with focus on ease of operation, process stability, efficiency and high availability.

A specialist team at your service

Let our experienced global team of flow drilling specialists help you with your assembly challenges. Working closely with manufacturers of joining elements, we will develop the best solution for your specific needs. With our product lines SCA dispensing, Henrob self-pierce riveting and K-flow fastening, we are a one-stop shop and a competence partner for innovative joining solutions.

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