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Coronavirus / COVID-19

Information for our customers and business partners


Dear Sir or Madam, Dear business partner,

In the challenging times of coronavirus (COVID-19), it is all the more important to assume social responsibility and to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the government as strictly as possible.

Continuously there for you

In the current situation, in which visits have to be cancelled for safety reasons, we have developed solutions to ensure continued operation as effectively as possible, be there for you and avoid unnecessary risks for our customers and employees.

Thanks to the fact that we have consistently provided our teams with advanced communication systems for many years, we can react quickly and flexibly to this situation, which is new for all of us.

Most of our colleagues are now already working from their home offices.

Thanks to the use of electronic media, we remain functional and can continue to process enquiries as efficiently as usual. Via (mobile) phone, email, etc., we are still available during the usual business hours.

Health takes priority

All our events and the customer workshops which we have offered, have been cancelled until further notice. By avoiding direct contact, we intend to limit the spread of coronavirus to the greatest extent possible.

For this reason, we are currently focusing on video conferences instead of physical events and appointments on site. This way, we can arrange (virtual) meetings quickly and flexibly, share product training and conduct online workshops, to which you are cordially invited.

Major project meetings – even for large groups – continue to be possible without any problems in digital form without unnecessary risk to our health.

We have taken appropriate precautions

Thanks to proactive warehousing policies and logistics, our delivery capabilities continue to be good.

We will keep a close eye on the situation and will of course notify you in advance of any impending bottlenecks which may occur.

Alternatives to service missions on site

As regards services which can no longer be carried out on site at your facilities in the current exceptional situation, we offer you the possibility of sending more tools into our central workshop in Essen in order to have machine capability tests carried out or to comply with maintenance intervals. We will be pleased to send you transport boxes if you have problems with shipping tools. Should you have any questions concerning the procedure, please contact our Service Department direct.

If service missions on site are still possible at your facilities, we will of course carry out this work as reliably as usual, taking into account the current regulations. Please use our free-of-charge service hotline to make on-site service appointments.

Our top priority is the health and safety of your personnel and our employees!

Our next priority is to minimize disturbances to operations and to ensure the continuity of business. Together, we want to demonstrate solidarity and remain optimistic.

Help us to slow down the spread of the disease – and above all, stay healthy!

On behalf of Atlas Copco Tools Central Europe GmbH

Thomas Hülsmann   Claus Schiedek   Olaf Sommer   Peter Edmonds

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