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MicroTorque MTF6000 Controller

Smart, connected and efficient


The MicroTorque MTF6000 Controller from Atlas Copco takes productivity, quality and connectivity to entirely new level, leading your low torque production into through the Industry 4.0 revolution. MTF6000 minimizes and eliminates set up time, helps you to reduce cycle time keeping high quality, allows you to customize your strategy for any type of screwed joint and combine and put multiple tightening programs in the right sequence for your process, sometimes eliminating the PLC. With a user-friendly software interface, and the power to easily analyze and configure improvements, it makes complex processes simple.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Advanced tightening strategies
  • Workflow instructions with batch sequence
  • ToolsNet 8 connectivity
  • Multi communications with Ethernet, RS232 and fieldbus
  • Industry 4.0 revolution-ready


  • Secure product quality, e.g. by eliminating floating screws and stripped joints
  • Increased uptime
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduction in energy use
  • Improved process control and reduced setup time
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MT Focus 6000


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  • Belong to : Microtorque
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Height : 109 mm
MT Focus 6000