Straight PRO Impact Wrench W24
W2427 productfoto
W2427 productfoto
W2427 productfoto
W2427 productfoto
These tools features a robust housing and can handle tough environments providing fast rundown and tightening. They have powerful impact mechanisms for fast run down with four torque settings. The W24-series features compact pistol to larger straight models for many different applications. Land van herkomst is TW. Douanetarief is 84671190

Technische specificaties

Torque range max
1500 Nm
Max torque
2200 Nm
Torque range min
700 Nm
Design & Functions
UK Regulations
S.I. 2008/1597
UK Standard
ISO 11148-6


Operator Comfort
Good Ergonomics
High Performance
Suitable for a wide array of applications


Ergonomic Handle Design
High power-to-weight ratio
Robust design