Rock bolts

We offer Swellex rock bolts as a unique, safe and reliable system of rock support.

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Physical characteristics

Available in a variety of load capacities and dimensions, Swellex rock bolts are offered in three lines that have different yielding properties to match rock mass conditions.

Functional characteristics

Trouble free and high quality installation provides assurance that all Swellex rock bolts react equally to resist rock movement and to increase rock mass cohesion.

Environmental characteristics

Does not introduce any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Rock bolts

Since its introduction 30 years ago the Swellex expandable rock-bolting system has gained wide recognition in the mining and tunneling industry. This unique rock bolt consists of a welded tube folded in upon itself, sealed at one end. It is re-expanded using a high pressure water flow provided by a special pump and adapter. The bolt is expanded inside the borehole drilled into the excavation wall. The installation process is easy and very similar to other rock bolt installation processes; making Swellex rock bolts accessible to all operators. Rock bolting systems are used to stabilize excavated rock mass in underground mines and tunnelling. Rock bolts are systematically arranged to transfer the load from the unstable surface or exterior of the rock, to the much stronger interior part of the rock. The rock mass can be reinforced by different types of rock bolts. Atlas Copco offers the following Swellex expandable rock bolting systems: