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Metal production

Compressed air solutions for metallurgy and metalworking applications

Certified clean air compressors for every application in metal plants. Discover how our energy efficient products and reliable service network can boost your productivity with the lowest total cost of ownership possible.

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Сертифицированный чистый воздух

Our compressors are the first and only compressors that deliver class 0 oil-free air. Making sure that the product quality of your valuable metals is not compromised during production

Подробнее о безмасляном воздухе, сертифицированном по классу 0

Reliable partner

Many processes in metal plants need a reliable continuous supply of compressed air. Our global service network and aftermarket service brings our customers a peace of mind concerning their compressed air needs

Эффективность энергопотребления

Years of experience in the field have resulted in energy efficient options such as the Optimizer 4.0 and the Variable Speed Drive for your compressed air. These options guarantee our clients that our products have a low total cost of ownership

Full offering supplier

We offer you a one stop solution for all your compressed air needs in your metal plant. This means we have all the technologies available for your metalworking processes, from compressors and nitrogen generators to filters, dryers and more. Ensuring you do not need different suppliers thus increasing the efficiency of your operation.

Uncontaminated air for high-quality end-products

Compressed air is a valuable resource when working with or producing precious metals. The only way you can guarantee that your process does not get contaminated by the compressed air is with class 0 oil-free air. This eliminates the risk of oil contamination from the compressor, no risk of damaged or unsafe product, losses from operational downtime or jeopardizing your company’s well-earned reputation. Our compressors even surpassed TÜV’s stringent standards.

World wide service network

Our service network is spread out over 180 countries world-wide. If any rare problem occurs and any service is needed our aftermarket service will take care of it as soon as possible. Being able to monitor your compressor with our monitoring system allows you to proactively schedule necessary maintenance, thus decreasing any downtime of your operations and further decreasing the cost of ownership of your compressed air system.

Metal industry succes story

Compressed air applications in metal production

Blast furnaces

Iron ore, coke and limestone are combined in a blast furnace to produce iron. In order to reach the melting temperatures, hot air is blasted into the furnace.

Coke production

Bituminous coal is heated between 1000° and 2000° C to yield the coke byproduct. A coke plant needs continuous air supply once fired. It cannot afford loss in air supply for a period of at least 3 months.

Oxygen furnace

Iron, steel scrap and flux are combined in the oxygen furnace to produce steel. 99% pure oxygen is then blown into the vessel with an oxygen lance. This makes the temperature rise to melt the scrap, which eventually results in liquid steel.

Bag houses

Dust collection systems that intake air through a duct system and bags catch the dust. The bags clean themselves periodically by pulsing compressed air through the bags. The dust then goes into a hopper and is removed.

Air mixture

Cooling down the slabs and/or billets after they have been shaped is done by mixing medium pressure air with water and then spraying this water onto the hot slab or billet. This makes for a uniform and fast cooling.

Сжатый воздух для инструментов

Many applications in the production process of metals need compressed air for instrumentation purposes. Crust breaking, air nozzles, pneumatic conveying are just a few of the operations that are dependent on compressed air.


Water used during the production process of metals must be treated before it can be reused or released. More on waste water treatment

Heat treatment of metals with nitrogen

Nitrogen has many applications on the metallurgy. It can be used to accelerate the absorption of carbon in the treated metal, it prevents oxydation during the cooling stage of steel and is used for annealing processes to prevent exothermic reactions and dangerously overheated furnaces.

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