ToolsTalk 2

Take line management to the next level


PF 6000 – превосходный контроль качества

Это совершенно новое решение для затяжки от «Атлас Копко» выводит производительность, эргономику, качество и экологичность на невиданный уровень.



Увеличенный срок эксплуатации

One-click software updates, easy swap between passive and active controller software, visibility to tightening programs history and roll-back to previews states; all add up to your increased uptime in a secure and efficient way.

Excellent human interaction

Human interaction is made easy, with excellent user experience through a simple and attractive interface. Clear and easy steps on configuration settings, including notifications to minimize wrong value input.

Reductions in defects

100% customizable access rights for every user. Giving you complete traceability on tightening programs and their changes. Gaining clear information on who is changing what, where and when.

ToolsTalk 2

ToolsTalk 2, the generation software in controller programing, is ready to take your line management to the next level. This client-server based software solution is geared to provide quick and easy configuration, as well as complete visibility and traceability to your entire line structure. Built on a state-of-the-art user experience and with an extended amount of unique features. Tailored to fit your needs and optimized to get the job done. It allows you to delegate additional features at any time to respective stations, through the embedded simple Functionality Management System (FMS). With 100% customizable user rights, you maintain quality control in complex production systems and increase uptime in production critical operations.

Сопутствующие документы & файлы

  • Controllers and Software 528.7 kB, PDF
  • ToolsTalk 2

Путь к успеху - отделение промышленного инструмента и сборочных систем «Атлас Копко», «Атлас Копко - Инструменты», видео

В отделении промышленного инструмента и сборочных систем компании «Атлас Копко» мы обеспечиваем преимущества для наших заказчиков за счет инновационных технологий и производственных решений мирового класса. Надежная продукция, стратегическое мышление, эргономичность и качество – признаки ответственной компании, нацеленной на устойчивое развитие.



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