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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Putting CO2 to use. At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, we are committed to supporting the decarbonization of industries, and committed to providing turbomachinery solutions as our customers seek to lower emissions and reduce their environmental footprint.

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About carbon capture, utilization and storage

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is a concept gaining traction across many industrial markets. By capturing and compressing CO2, we can help reduce emissions from traditional hydrocarbon processes, then store or re-use it in other ways.

CO2 can be captured by either applying oxyfuel or pre-combustion and post-combustion processes using amine or membrane-based processes. Once CO2 is captured it can be re-used as a feedstock for various processes (i.e., in the chemical/petrochemical industry). Also, by compressing it to supercritical levels (sCO2) it can be used as a working fluid. 


Supercritical CO2

CO2 can also be turned into a working fluid for many hydrocarbon-dominant processes. By compressing carbon dioxide beyond its critical point, the gas and the liquid phases become identical. We have experience with compression from the gas side, as well as compression originating from the liquid side and going to supercritical conditions.



Key CO2 applications we handle

sCO2 as a working fluid Urea / fertilizer production Enhanced oil recovery Carbon capture and storage (CCS)