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SCA glazing applicator

Glazing applications in final assembly

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Challenges in glazing applications:

The trend towards increasing size and quantity of windows creates a high demand for secure glazing applications within the final assembly line. The bonded joint must protect against water, absorb vibrations and add strength to the car structure. Atlas Copco provides the technology to reliably apply triangular bead shapes which are used most often in this production step.

Windshield applications

Shaped bead

SCA Triangular bead FA

Shaped bead for glazing applications

When mounting the window into the car body, a shaped bead is used. The height and shape of the bead ensures an even adhesion between car body and window when pressing the window into the adhesive. This joint must be 100% sealed to avoid any water leakage.

For glazing applications either 1 component (1C), 1C accelerated or 2 component (2C) adhesives are used.

One component (1C)

A 1C application is often used when the ambient conditions at the manufacturer's site are consistent. Constant humidity ensures a reproducible and fast curing process. 1C is also used for productions with lower quantity and enough shuttle time in between the process steps.

1C accelerated

1C accelerated is another solution for lower quantity production but with a fast shuttle time. Instead of relying purely on surrounding air conditions for curing, an additional acceleration paste is mixed to the base component. This adhesive cures faster than the regular 1C, which has the advantage that the module is not required to be fixed to the car body as long.

Two components (2C)

A deciding factor for a 2C application in glazing is the reduction of the cycle time. When mounting windows, a high dynamic application is crucial. The SCA product line can adjust the material flow within a running process for each application individually – which enables you to combine a high uptime with fast production.

More final assembly applications: