Operator station for safe and efficient surface mining operations

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BenchREMOTE video

BenchREMOTE is a unique remote operator station that removes the operator from hazardous areas and unstable benches. At the same time BenchREMOTE increases efficiency, making it possible to operate up to three rigs simultaneously. So please, have a seat.


The new Benchmark


Increase operator efficiency with multi-task capability. You can operate up to three Atlas Copco SmartROC D65 rigs from one operator station.


Get away from unstable and hazardous benches. Drill close to the wall without having to enter the drilling area.

Working conditions

With reduced noise and dust levels, BenchREMOTE makes surface mining operations a safe pleasure. Working together with other rig operators also makes the work more enjoyable.

Product description

BenchREMOTE is a unique remote operator station for all SmartROC D65 rigs that enables operators to do their job from a safe distance. The BenchREMOTE can remotely handle not just one rig, but up to three rigs in parallel. This takes productivity to a new level.