A high-speed feed system

equally fast in both directions to reduce time spent adding drill pipe and tripping from the hole

An internal guide system

to assure alignment and promote longer component life

A smooth, responsive feed control

for precise, trouble-free drilling

More features were designed into the T2W than any machine in its class, providing the benefits of larger drilling rigs. With its open work area, excellent control of feed speed and exceptional on and off road mobility, the T2W is not only perfectly suited for water well drilling but also for a wide variety of environmental, air rotary and DTH drilling.


Technical specifications Imperial  Metric 
Pullback 30000 lb 13608 kg
Compressor pressure

350 psi standard on large base

300 psi optional on small base

2,413 kPa standard on large base

2,068 kPa optional on small base

Compressor flow

900 cfm standard on large base

750 cfm optional on small base

25,5 m3/min  standard on large base

21,2 m3/min optional on small base

Truck engine

Cummins ISX15 550HP @ 2000 RPM

Torque 1850 lb-ft @ 1200 RPM 

Cummins ISX15 410 kW @ 2100 RPM

Torque 2508 Nm @ 1200 RPM