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How to install a hydraulic breaker

SB breakers have been designed to be the most reliable on the market. And even when they need attention, they are easy to service. For example, the double tool retainer bars minimize stress and wear on the working tools. It´s easy to change the working tools thanks to the patented retainer bar lock system and replacing the floating working tool bushing can be done by the operator on-site with standard hand tools. The length of the bushing also provides excellent guidance for the working tool, which means less wear.


Our features make the difference

Our unique design concept with a SolidBody stands for high reliability, extreme versatility, high efficiency and performance, and is known as very maintenance friendly.


The piston recoil energy is automatically utilized to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input and to lower vibrations.

SB breakes: few parts, less service, less total cost of ownership



The hydraulic breaker starts without load applied to working tool thus simplifying handling