BP 3050

Excavator pulverizer for carries of 18-27 tons

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Design follows function

Thanks to their angled shape and broad jaw, our bulk pulverizers are ideal for secondary demolition and reduction of reinforced concrete elements.

Lower cost of ownership

Very robust design for longer service life even under extreme stresses

Excellent handling

Optional hydraulic rotation device for solid and precise handling

Save time on maintenance

Simple replacement of wear parts for quick and easy maintenance

More speed, less consumption

Speed valves shorten the cycle time, thus less fuel consumption during operation

Power at the tips

Even when the jaw is almost closed, the high power is there to demolish structures with fewer bites

Big volume

Efficiency at work - huge jaw dimensions for high throughput

Design follows function

The angled shape and broad jaw help to speed up work. Bulk pulverizers enable clean separation of rebar and concrete and their subsequent reduction into grain sizes suitable for crushing or use as backfill. The optional hydraulic rotation drive also makes it possible to use our bulk pulverizers for a more efficient primary demolition of ceilings and walls.

BP 3050

Technical specifications

Carrier weight class

25 t - 40 t

Service weight

3 050 kg

Jaw opening

1 020 mm

Jaw depth

650 mm

Blade length

190 mm

Cutting force - upper blades

365 t

Crushing force, jaw tip

115 t

Operating pressure

350 bar

Closing cycle

2,7 Seconds

Opening cycle

2,9 Seconds

Connection hoses

Hoses Length, mm Hoses Cap nut carrier side
Connection hoses for non-rotating version 2300 3360 9923 40 30 S, (M42 x 2)
Connection hoses for non-rotating version 2800 3361 8538 59 30 S, (M 42 x 2)

Hydraulic bulk pulverizer

Secondary demolition with excavator pulverizer


Your benefits

Lower cost of ownership - our pulverizers operate faster, need less time for maintenance and support a long service life.