Scooptram ST7

Robust 6.8 metric tonne LHD

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Scooptram ST7

The Scooptram ST7 is a robust LHD that is built for demanding underground applications where small size combined with high performance is the key to superior productivity. It offers the operator an excellent work environment, including superb visibility. The drivers comfort is even more enhanced by the air cushioned seat. Virtually all the machine's functions can also be controlled with two user-friendly multifunctional joysticks.


Robust and rugged loader

Scooptram ST7 is built for demanding underground applications. This loader especially excels in narrow vein mining operations.

Performance in tight spaces

Scooptram ST7's small size combined with powerful performance is the key to superior productivity in tight spaces.

Safety, comfort and control

In the air-conditioned cabin, every inch of space is maximized for freedom of movement, helping to reduce operator fatigue and boost productivity.

Compact but powerful loader

Scooptram ST7 is a robust 6.8 metric tonne LHD. The rugged powertrain and high-lifting design simplifies underground truck loading. The proven Rig Control System (RCS) includes smart features like traction control and machine protection. To keep your loader running strong, RCS also provides clear rig diagnostics and performance data. Service points are easily accessible, making daily maintenance quick, safe and efficient. Operators can achieve more in the comfortable and safe cabin. When you need to produce more tonnes per hour, you can rely on Scooptram ST7.