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Benefits of Battery Tools in the Aerospace Industry

As aircraft manufacturing trends toward automation and data-driven processes, your plant’s ability to successfully adapt to these changes can be considered an indication of its success.

Within the aerospace industry, a major element of Industry 4.0 is digitalization, and the utilization of Smart Connected technologies. Keep pace and address these elements by leveraging the tools and assembly methods on your production line. For the sake of this article, we’ll be exploring the benefits of battery tools in the aerospace industry.

Atlas Copco has an extensive product portfolio for cordless, battery-powered smart tools, including battery drills, screwdrivers, controllers, and more. Read on to discover the benefits of battery tools in the aerospace industry.

Drilling application process on airplane

Flexibility on the plant floor

Without air hoses and cables to lug around as operators work on the plant floor, many issues regarding safety, flexibility, and ergonomics are addressed. FOD, or foreign object debris (and subsequent damage), is still a major concern within aircraft manufacturing processes; using battery tools, air hoses are a thing of the past and this specific issue can be virtually eliminated. In addition, because battery tools are cordless, operators are able to access new places once unreachable with corded tools during assembly.

Not only does the flexibility of cordless tools increase productivity and efficiency within your plant, it decreases the amount of tooling hardware needed, and allows your operators to work harder, for longer, without fatigue or risk of injury.

Riveting at SAS Components with RRH and RBB

Powerful ergonomics

In addition to providing immediate operator feedback and complete traceability to your assembly line, cordless tools have excellent ergonomic features. This means that your operators can work longer and more productively while remaining safe and comfortable. During aircraft manufacturing, operators are often expected to drill thousands of holes. Protection from high vibration and noise exposure is a must. At Atlas Copco, this comes in the form of lighter, more compact tools that contain vibration and noise-reducing technologies.

With slim, user-friendly tooling options that often allow for one-handed operation, Atlas Copco’s cordless nutrunners and screwdrivers ensure accuracy, quality, and safety during use.

Atlas Copco options

Atlas Copco knows where the future of manufacturing is heading. Within our extensive product portfolio are multiple tooling options that give your operators the power of true cordless freedom. Check out Atlas Copco’s Tensor SRB cordless nutrunner for a tool that allows for full integration with the Power Focus 6000 tightening controller and advanced low reaction strategies such as TurboTight and Tensor Pulse. Ideal for low torque applications, the Tensor SRB is a lightweight, safe powerhouse designed to provide accuracy, traceability, and powerful ergonomics.

For a cordless screwdriver option, consider Atlas Copco’s BCP cordless screwdriver that brings higher productivity for quality critical assembly operations. With an ergonomic pistol grip, this tool offers a variety of speeds and low noise levels during use. Though it doesn’t integrate with the PF6000, this BCP clutch screwdriver does report OK/NOK signals through LED lights for base-level operator feedback.

And finally, for advanced process control and improved accessibility, check out the Tensor STB cordless nutrunner. It’s a fast, transducerized battery-powered tool that makes working in cramped, compact assembly areas a pleasure. Also allowing for full integration with the PF6000, the Tensor STB will guide your operators into the Smart Connected future with complete traceability, full process control, and immediate operator feedback during production.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of battery tools in the aerospace industry, contact us and schedule an in-person or remote product demo today.

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