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Industrial Location Guidance takes process quality to new heights

In simple or complex assemblies involving multiple fasteners, ensuring process quality can be a daunting task.

Some questions to consider:

  • Are missing or under-tightened fasteners causing rework or driving up your warranty costs?
  • Is sequencing of fasteners critical to the quality of your assembly?
  • Do different fasteners on the same workpiece require unique torque settings?
  • Do your operators need training or instructions to successfully complete assembly operations?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Many issues can arise without a sufficient level of error-proofing and require a considerable amount of time, manpower, and money to resolve. Fear not – Atlas Copco has a solution.

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Meet ILG

We are excited to announce the newest bolt-level error-proofing solution, Industrial Location Guidance (ILG). It's a user-friendly software that ensures the correct torque is applied on the desired fastener, in the correct location, in the proper sequence.

This is achieved through precise communication with positioning hardware, enabling the tool to run a specified torque strategy only when placed on or near a given fastener. The result is a new level of intelligence for the tightening system based on the physical position of the tool.

What separates ILG from other tool positioning systems? First and foremost is its flexibility. A single ILG system can accommodate many different part variations and tightening programs, making it ideal for high-value component assembly, repair stations, and flexible assembly cells.

ILG is fully compatible with Atlas Copco’s PF6 platform of tightening controllers and smart tools. ILG can also be used in tandem with our Scalable Quality Solution – SQS3, utilizing advanced process control for a complete error-proofing solution. Built-in work instructions and visual guidance will maximize the efficiency of your operators and reduce (or eliminate) the need for training.

Another benefit of ILG is its scalability for a wide range of applications. When an intuitive user interface is required, ILG can be installed on a station PC, complete with onscreen instructions and graphics of the workpiece, fastener locations and real-time tool position.

For a more basic, low-profile solution, ILG is offered as an embedded feature within the PF6 controller software, which means simple plug-and-play of positioning hardware directly into the controller – no additional PC, control box or added integration required.

Questions? Interested in setting up a product demonstration? Contact Atlas Copco today. 

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