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Lean and compact

Valuable floor space is no longer an issue with the PF6 FlexSystem. Controllers and drives can be mounted closer to the assembly powerhead, due to their lower weight and smaller packaging vs. legacy systems.

User friendly

Critical to the PF6 FlexSystem’s design is user friendliness. Installation and programming are streamlined, while a convenient web HMI allows for basic setup and troubleshooting.

Adaptable design

Variations in production are easily met due to adaptable design - systems are scalable and upgradable based on demand.

Common platform software

PF6 FlexSystem shares commonality with Power Focus 6000, both operating on ToolsTalk 2 software.

Industrial Panel PC HLTQ

System components:


Power and communication are directly routed through the FlexCarrier. This takes place of the previous generation's distributor box. Thus, a distribution box is no longer needed, equaling space savings on the plant floor.

• Exists in 3-slot and 6-slot (3-slot shown)
• Distributes power, 24 VDC, e-stop and Ethernet


This component includes the brains of the system, the IAM. All programs and functionality exist within the IAM, which controls synchronization of up to 50 QST spindles.

• Contains the central processing logic
• Internal and external communication
• Controls up to 50 drives / spindles


Atlas Copco PF6 FlexDrives run the QST spindles. The drives also convert the electrical input to suitable voltage levels for the tightening process. Note that all slots in the FlexCarrier must be occupied by a FlexController or a FlexBlank.

• Include the servo driving each tool
• Convert power to suitable voltage levels
• Power cable port to tool


To fulfill the IP cooling and E-Stop functionality of PF6 FlexSystem, all slots in the FlexCarrier must be filled. If a FlexBlank is required, it must always be present in the remaining empty slots in a chain of components within a FlexCarrier. (from left to right)

• Each spot in the FlexCarrier must be filled.
• If there is no need of a FlexController or FlexDrive, a blank module must be added.


The FlexMSB allows for an operator to cut power to the PF6 FlexSystem. Depending on station configuration, 30 amp or 60 amp units are available, per customer specifications.

• Power disconnect switches
• Available in 30A and 60A