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Quality Assurance Tools

Quality Assurance tools from Atlas Copco include our next-generation STbench, the Smart digital STwrench, data collection devices, and more. Our robust portfolio of Quality Assurance products, known as QA Platform 4.0, uses cutting-edge technology to meet high-quality standards.

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Industry 4.0 has brought major improvements to the Quality Assurance process. The need for flexible, customizable, and traceable manufacturing for a local and global economy is driving significant change. Keep up with these advancements with Atlas Copco’s comprehensive QA Platform 4.0 product portfolio. QA Platform 4.0 from Atlas Copco enables tool testing capabilities in the crib or along the line, convenient, quick calibrations, and the ability to check the residual torque in an already tightened joint with an advanced algorithm to avoid operator errors and influence. Streamline the Quality Assurance process with Atlas Copco’s Quality Assurance tools and solutions!

Solving Quality Assurance challenges:

Quality Assurance solutions and products

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data is Atlas Copco’s vision for Industry 4.0. Picture a technology that can collect, trace, and analyze invaluable tightening data and can thus recommend an optimal maintenance plan and reduce production costs. This is Atlas Copco’s Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data.

Industry focus

Quality Assurance is critical in any plant and in all manufacturing industries. Atlas Copco’s Quality Assurance tools and solutions cover virtually every industry, including Aerospace, Energy, Industrial Assembly, Electronics, and tons more. 

QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance products for today's industrial demands. It combines new manufacturing techniques with high quality to achieve new smart connected solutions. The new portfolio provides flexible, interconnected, innovative solutions to support competitive and modern manufacturing.

Explore the Smart Connected Solution for the complete Quality Assurance Process