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Quality Assurance Tools

Atlas Copco Quality Assurance Tools use cutting-edge technology and meet high-quality standards.

-Avoid data manipulation
-Minimize human error by reducing manual effort
-Reduce operator training

Our vision

Atlas Copco’s wide range of quality assurance tools and systems offer the right tool for nearly any application to meet high-quality standards, secure error proofing functionalities, or even verify measurement requirements.

At Atlas Copco, we believe the best way to reduce quality-related issues is to make sure they don’t occur in the first place.

Giuseppe Grimaldi

Quality Assurance solutions and products

Quality Assurance Platform 4.0

QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance products for today's industrial demands. It combines new manufacturing techniques with high quality to achieve new smart connected solutions. The new portfolio provides flexible, interconnected, innovative solutions to support competitive and modern manufacturing.

Industry focus

Atlas Copco is proud to provide Quality Assurance solutions that give peace of mind. Our wide range of quality assurance tools and systems offer the right solution for nearly any application. 


Giuseppe Grimaldi

Product Marketing Manager Quality Assurance