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Assembly Tools & Solutions

Assembly tools and solutions from Atlas Copco include pneumatic and electric industrial tools, handheld and fixtured assembly solutions, along with advanced software platforms, and more for your Smart Factory.

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As Industry 4.0 continues to transform the manufacturing of today, tools are getting Smarter, faster, and more digital. This transformation brings new technologies, complex product variants, and increased demand for sustainability. Decades of focused development and experience give us the know-how and cutting-edge technology to keep our customers ahead of Industry 4.0. With our comprehensive portfolio of innovative tools, systems, and solutions, we’ve got what it takes to get you one step closer to becoming the ideal Smart Factory.

Solving Assembly Industry Challenges

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Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data is Atlas Copco’s vision for Industry 4.0. Picture a technology that can collect, trace, and analyze invaluable tightening data and can thus recommend an optimal maintenance plan and reduce production costs. This is Atlas Copco’s Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data.

Industry focus

Atlas Copco is the world-leading provider of Smart assembly tools and solutions for a wide range of industries including Electronics, Automotive & Tiers, Industrial Assembly, Aerospace, and more.