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The Atlas Copco Application Center is a hub of leading experts in the field of application engineering for assembly systems. We use highly-developed Atlas Copco standard core products to create solutions that fulfill the highest requirements of our customers around the world.

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At Atlas Copco, we are committed to working closely with our customers and gaining a clear understanding of their applications and assembly processes, which allows us to provide systems that are efficient, high in quality, and have a positive impact on overall productivity. This means helping our customers to get more out of every investment by making our products faster, more energy-efficient, safer, and ergonomically superior.

Additionally, learn more about scheduling remote services - such as remote buy-offs, product demonstrations, and more - today. 

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Project management team

The Atlas Copco team is comprised of specialists to assist in managing commercial and timeline risks for our customers. To streamline the process, each customer has one point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the project. Ultimately, this team manages the project scope to exceed customer expectations.

Engineering team

The highly-trained engineering team at Atlas Copco has a deep understanding of the total assembly process. This way, they can develop solutions to meet both functional and ergonomic requirements including operator interfaces and system optimizations. The engineering team works to produce detailed documentation to aid in the lifecycle management of the custom solution. 

70Team members

Connected globally, serving our customers locally.


Served across North America annually.

4,000 tools

Complete range for our customers.


The Application Center workshop is our area for in-house integration, programming, and testing. Here, we design fully-operational systems and deliver them to our customers, fully ready to run. Our workshop allows us to test production process issues before delivery. 


At Atlas Copco, we're able to develop custom software solutions for advanced data management, error-proofing, and process control. Abiding by the ASPICE certified engineering process, we're able to exceed our customer's software goals. Additionally, our team is equipped to develop hardware requirements for data collection.


Our quality assurance experts standby ready to serve you as an independent advocate for safety, ergonomics, application of best-practices through the project lifecycle. They're an integral part of the project process, as quality gates pre-production, design approval, production, pre-shipment, and more. Our quality experts uncover issues before they become risks to cost and expensive timeline risks. Additionally, they audit suppliers to ensure safe, reliable production of customer-bound goods.