Manual Torque Wrenches

The mechanical wrench series

The mechanical wrenches in the Atlas Copco Saltus product line form the basis for manual tightening, enabling you to find the optimal solution for your individual tightening. Read more

CWR 'click' wrench series

The torque wrenches in our CWR series provide the distinctive “click” which is a very clear feedback when reaching the pre-set torque value. The repeatability of ±4% makes them perfect for use in assembly lines. Standard drive enables the use of a wide range of suitable end fittings.

BWR 'breaking' wrench series

The torque wrenches in our BWR series are primarily used in professional industrial environments. The possibility of over-tightening is significantly reduced due to a 22° breaking-angle of the unique BWR mechanism. Therefore, the BWR wrenches are very well-suited for use in assembly lines as well as for repair and maintenance. You can profit from a wide range of end fittings which are quickly changed.

SWR 'slipping' wrench series

The torque wrenches in the SWR series are “automatically triggered” once the pre-set torque value is reached. The Camovertechnology completely avoids over-tightening. After triggering, the SWR wrench is again ready to use. The integrated ratchet function ensures you controlled clockwise tightening. The high repeating accuracy with a tolerance of ±4% makes the SWR wrenches ideal for assembly lines for extreme continuous operation.

The Mechatronic MWR system - more than a click

Based on the mechanical “click” wrench, the MWR mechatronic wrench is highly productive. The clear physical feedback of the “click” makes it easy to handle even for untrained operators, giving you a very short training period. Feedback of the tightening process is clear with the distinctive “click” of the MWR mechanism in combination with the colored LEDs. If needed the MWR mechatronic system can be completed with the stack lights connected to the Focus controller.

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Manual Torque Wrenches

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