Maximum material removal with minimum effort

Atlas Copco´s Grinder range covers all, you can rely on maximum material removal with minimum effort.

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Turbine Grinders - GTG models

Our GTG models are powered by a motor with the latest turbine technology which gives extremely high power-to-weight ratios compared to normal vane motors. This means that you can select a lighter, more compact tool without sacrificing the material removal rate. Compared to a vane motor, a turbine motor provides up to 40 percent more efficiency for the same specific job and at the same time reduces the total energy consumption.

Vane Grinders

Vane grinders have been optimized to get the highest power-to-weight ratio available for conventional vane motors. They are developed to be durable with low service requirements.

Die Grinders – Small precision deburring

Die grinding is performed with either tungsten carbide, high speed steel burrs or mounted points. The choice of burr depends on the size of your job. A larger volume of removed material will require a bigger size of the burr’s head. Select the tool r/min depending on the diameter of the burr head, the material to be ground and the material in the rotary burr. Use tungsten carbide burrs for hard and tough materials. High speed steel burs are recommended for unhardened and medium hard materials.

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Pneumatic Angle Die Grinder LSV12 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Die Grinder LSV12Robustness in a compact design4 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV29 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV29Robust and ergonomic with high productivity8 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV39 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV39The best solutions for rough grinding, de-burring and sanding9 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV48 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV48Power, accessibility and ergonomics5 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2408 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2408Lightweight and powerful3 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2511 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2511Maximum material removal with minimum effort3 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2588 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2588Lightweight tool for heavy duty applications5 Models
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV19 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV19High power in a compact tool giving a smooth grinding operation5 Models
Pneumatic Angle Turbine Grinder GTG25 product photo
Pneumatic Angle Turbine Grinder GTG25Outstanding power to weight ratio with great robustness and superior ergonomics2 Models