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In this series of educational videos, our ‘Lab Boss’ Jason Benford performs various torque tests to show off the power and durability Atlas Copco tools have to offer!
In the Lab
Wind turbines in the desert

Wind Energy

Improve wind turbine construction, assembly and servicing by integrating our smart solutions into your processes. Making all aspects of your job quicker, safer and smarter.
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Our vision for the wind industry

The wind industry is rapidly changing, with the demand for greener energy becoming all the more important by the day. This will lead to more wind farms being constructed along with bigger turbines, meaning potentially bigger bolts on critical applications.


Safety and speed are two important factors in the wind industry, as operators are often working in extreme environments at heights. With construction equipment being so expensive it’s important that the turbines are installed in good time – Atlas Copco’s tools help achieve both safety and speed.


To achieve these goals, we develop smart bolting solutions to help operators in their application processes. Making tools quicker, safer and smarter, we enable companies to operate in a more efficient way with full data traceability, taking the smart factory to the field.



Learn more about our latest bolting innovations


The Tensor Revo HA electric nutrunner is the worlds most productive bolting tool, operating at three times faster than its nearest competitor. It ensures process time is reduced, and significant cost savings are achieved.


Our Torcflex hydraulic torque wrench is designed with safety at the forefront, including a single co-axial connection for the tool and retained reaction arm.


The brand new STS - Smart Tensioning System delivers complete smart experience. With full process guidance from our hand controller and data traceability throughout.

Read about how we are using data for critical connections

We serve customers in all stages of the process

wind energy OEMS


We work closely with OEM's to deliver the best bolting solutions they need for their proceses. Having a close relationship and understand their processes are key to delivering correct bolting solution.

Dutch construction site new wind turbine farm in Zeewolde with wings ready to install

Wind turbine assembly

We have extensive experience in supplying tools for wind turbine assembly globally. From off the shelf tools to customized solutions, we have a bolting solution for your application.

Inspection engineers preparing to rappel down a rotor blade of a wind turbine in a North German wind farm on a clear day with blue sky.

Wind turbine service

A critical part of wind turbines life cycle, which needs to be completed efficiently. We can deliver tools which speed up your service processes and give you the data to ensure the job was done correctly.


Key applications we work with

Foundation Bolts
Application of bolt tightening of wind turbine foundation
Foundation Bolts
Wind Tower Studs
smart tensioner in turbine with no logo
Wind Tower Studs
Yaw Bearing
yaw bearing application tensioners
Yaw Bearing
Nacelle Hub
nacelle hub robotics
Nacelle Hub
wind turbine gearbox
Shrink Disk
Shrink Disk
Blade Bearing
wind blade bearing
Blade Bearing
Speak to an expert
Speak to an expert
Contact one of our bolting experts to find a solution that works for your specific application!
Contact one of our bolting experts to find a solution that works for your specific application!


Latest energy insights

Learn about our offerings for the wind energy sector.

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