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Atlas Copco air motors – the natural choice for design engineers in the industries of today and tomorrow.

- ATEX certified
- Lightweight and compact
- Reversible
- Undamaged by overloads
- Variable speeds

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Our vision

To provide our air motor customers the toughest and most versatile power units available.  Our air motors are easy to control over a wide speed range, and produce maximum torque where it is often most needed – at start up.

Atlas Copco air motors are used in a wide variety of industrial applications from the sea floor to the atmosphere. Our engineers are eager to work with you to custom tailor a solution that fits your application's needs.

Heitor Mattos

Air Motor products

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Industry focus

Atlas Copco air motors are an ideal solution for many applications in industries like food, chemical and pharmaceuticals, transportation, packaging, pipe processing and maintenance. Customized air motors enable the customers to get the motors that fit their applications well.