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Atlas Copco's GTG40 angle grinder is e.g. used for metal fabrication in the shipping industry.

Material Removal

Material removal solutions from Atlas Copco include grinders, chipping hammers, scalers, riveting systems, and much more. Able to cover virtually all your grinding, sanding, and riveting needs, material removal solutions from Atlas Copco are durable and reliable.

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Atlas Copco is the world-leading provider of industrial power tools and solutions. As such, we take pride in our comprehensive portfolio of material removal solutions that cover a wide range of applications within multiple industries, including Aerospace, Shipbuilding, and Foundries. Material removal solutions from Atlas Copco offer excellent ergonomics, durability, and usability. Built to last, our grinders, sanders, and percussive tools – among many other products – offer operators powerful, accurate results with minimal effort on their part. With tools and solutions that enabling scatter dampening, reduced vibration and noise levels, and maximum power, Atlas Copco has your material removal needs covered.

Solving material removal application challenges:

Material Removal products

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data is Atlas Copco’s vision for Industry 4.0. Picture a technology that can collect, trace, and analyze invaluable tightening data and can thus recommend an optimal maintenance plan and reduce production costs. This is Atlas Copco’s Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data.

Industry focus

Atlas Copco Material Removal Tools have a large range of products, spanning across many well-known industries across the globe.