Air Motors

Industry leading innovation and technology

Atlas Copco offers the largest air motor range in the market, with industry leading innovation and technology. We offer vane, piston and turbine technology, coupled with planetary and helical gear combinations.

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Easy installing

The air motor is powerful yet compact, easy to install and easy to control. All our air motors are Atex certified, with proven reliability in a hazardous application such as chemical and pharmaceutical production, energy industries, mining and fabrication. Our range of stainless-steel motors offer peace of mind in the industries synonymous with moisture, corrosion and hygiene standards.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions are engineered to meet a wide range customer specific requirement across the globe. We deliver, on time and on schedule, worldwide! We have been the natural choice for machine tools builders for decades.

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Piston Air Motor PZB product photo
Piston Air Motor PZBEfficiency and durability in small motor housing12 Models
Turbine Air Motor TZB product photo
Turbine Air Motor TZBBoost your productivity and save energy16 Models
Vane Air Motor LZB product photo
Vane Air Motor LZBDesigned to deliver high performance and high reliability standards386 Models
Vane Air Motor LZL product photo
Vane Air Motor LZLDesigned to provide outstanding starting and low speed performance23 Models
Vane Air Motor with Helical Gearbox LZL product photo
Vane Air Motor with Helical Gearbox LZLDesigned to provide high power at low speed44 Models