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ergonomics and Safety

Manufacturing ergonomics and safety

Plant floors and assembly lines are inherently dangerous; there’s no denying that. Working with tools big and small has its risks.

Little is more important in operations than manufacturing ergonomics and safety. This element is the key to unlocking other important elements, such as product quality, productivity, lower operational costs, and more. Safety and ergonomics are not things we take lightly here at Atlas Copco. 


We started our manufacturing ergonomics program in the 1950's. Today, we have a department of dedicated designers working with our ergonomic experts in our product development. At Atlas Copco, we understand the importance of ergonomics and safety and how they are interconnected. In order to have a safe assembly line, you must have effective ergonomics in every aspect of your production. All of our products have been created with the best ergonomic and safety practices in mind.

Our commitment to ergonomics

Our expert team of Tool Engineers and Developers here at Atlas Copco is dedicated to keeping our customers safe and happy in the long run. Every tool and solution created in our facilities is developed with ergonomics in mind because we know and understand that productivity and quality lag when engineers are at risk of injury. 


To learn more information about our commitment to manufacturing ergonomics, read our articles below or contact Atlas Copco today!

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Low Reaction Tools (LRT)

Atlas Copco's Low Reaction Tools nearly eliminate the reaction force in assembly applications, delivering high-speed, quality tightenings while taking great ergonomic care of your operators.


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LRT leaflet cover

Isolated Sockets

Atlas Copco’s isolated sockets, and similar products like our isolated Quick Change Adapters, are critical for complete safety when working on EV products. By pairing an isolated socket and an isolated socket cover together, short circuiting of live components is prevented by grounding tools and batteries.


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ErgoPulse PTI

The ErgoPulse PTI is a pulse tool that is the ideal choice if you are looking for a faster production line and superior operator safety and ergonomics.


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Hydraulic impulse nutrunner EP8 PTI HR13 MT,

Manufacturing ergonomics and safety

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