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Calibration services

Increase the quality, reduce rework and minimize risk of liability costs

Why calibrate?

Tools and measurement equipment loses accuracy in the course of time and proof of traceability is required in case of failures

What do you get?

Atlas Copco lab and on-site calibration services are performed by certified technicians and provide you with certificates following global and national standards

What are the benefits?

Professional calibration services secure your quality and reduce defects in production.

Accredited Quality Assurance Calibration
Measurement equipment and tools lose accuracy over time, and proof of traceability is required in case of failures. Additional benefits of tool calibration include securing your quality and reduction of defects in production. Calibration is the determination and documentation of the deviation between the reading of a measuring instrument or a control unit to the value indicated by a higher-level reference device. This means that two values are compared with each other, one of which is known and fixed. Atlas Copco is your calibration partner. As an expert in tightening tools and quality assurance equipment, we want to support you in the calibration of your equipment allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

Learn more from our free pocket guide on Calibration and Testing of Tightening Systems

Select your required option

As your calibration expert, we offer various types of calibration services. We perform calibrations for the following tools:

  • Cordless Assembly Tools
  • Electric Torque Tools
  • Fixtured Assembly Tools
  • Servo Electric Presses
  • Mechatronic Wrench
  • Microtorque
  • STWrench
  • and more....

Not sure which calibration service you need?