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Final assembly solutions for your smart factory


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Where the vehicle takes its final shape

Automotive final assembly serves as the last stage in the vehicle manufacturing process. With such an important role in the assembly of vehicles, automotive final assembly processes are continuing to trend toward automation, digitalization, and other major Industry 4.0 elements. 

Our tightening solutions include electric power tools, handheld and fixtured assembly solutions, industrial dispensing along with advanced software solutions, accessories, and equipment. For whatever your automotive final assembly applications require, we have you covered.

Our fastening solutions will take your productivity, operator experience, and quality to entirely new levels


Huge cost savings

Learn how error-proofing with an out-of-the-box tightening control solution from Atlas Copco increased flexibility and product quality while generating millions in cost savings.

True wireless freedom

Atlas Copco’s all-new Tensor IxB tool family consists of two new battery tool options that feature a built-in controller integrated directly into the tool: The Tensor ITB and the Tensor ICB.

Increased flexibility

For improved accuracy, better process control, and increased flexibility on the line, battery tools are the ideal solution.

Improve your processes with a total solutions provider

The automotive industry is ever evolving and constantly changing. With over a decade of focused experience in automotive manufacturing, we have the know-how it takes to keep our customers ahead of Industry 4.0. Atlas Copco's comprehensive range of fastening technologies offer you the chance to bring your assembly processes into the Smart Connected future.

Our fastening solutions cover the entire automotive final assembly process, from beginning to end. Harness the power of extensive data analytics and drastically improve your process with Atlas Copco, your total solutions provider for automotive final assembly applications.

Smart tools and solutions for lean manufacturing

Windenergie Tensor-IxB
Automotive final assembly processes require a high level of accuracy, error-proofing, and process control. Our advanced fastening solutions provide all of that and more. Offering extensive data collection capabilities, clear operator guidance, and complete traceability, Smart tools and advanced software solutions are the way to go.

Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data

This is Atlas Copco´s vision for Industry 4.0. Imagine a technology that collects and analyzes tightening data throughout the life cycle of your product program, and can thus predict tool failures, recommend an optimal maintenance plan, and reduce your production costs. This is Smart Connected Assembly. 

Big Savings.jpeg

Industry 4.0 in action - Big savings from wireless tool communication solution

See how we helped an automotive customer achieve a significantly increased projected annual uptime, improved tool ergonomics and faster cycle times.



Hear from our experts

Learn more about how Smart Connected Assembly is changing the automotive manufacturing landscape

The automotive industry is ever-evolving. Remain agile and on top of these automotive industry trends with Smart, connected solutions from Atlas Copco. By combining the right tools with the right software, your production line will become Smarter, more productive, and more flexible. Learn more about Industry 4.0. 

Final assembly solutions for your smart factory

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