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Tool and workstation accessories from Atlas Copco consist of intelligent batteries, cables, sockets & bits, attachments, scanners, and much more. Comprehensive and built to meet all production demands, Atlas Copco accessories optimize the workspace, improve ergonomics, and assist in production processes during assembly.

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Workstation accessories from Atlas Copco are designed to facilitate and simplify the interactions between human and machine during production. Our stacklights, intelligent batteries, sockets and bits do just that, in a user-friendly way that anyone can understand. Nearly all workstation accessories have a wide selection of specification options to choose from. The large range of Atlas Copco socket and bit selectors differ in power, rated voltage, and model types, so that you can choose the perfect accessory for your production needs. Intelligent batteries are offered in 14V, 18V, or 36V to support your production demands. Whatever accessories you need, Atlas Copco has them!

Solving Assembly challenges with Accessories from Atlas Copco

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Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data is Atlas Copco’s vision for Industry 4.0. Picture a technology that can collect, trace, and analyze invaluable tightening data and can thus recommend an optimal maintenance plan and reduce production costs. This is Atlas Copco’s Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data.

Industry focus

Atlas Copco accessories are versatile. Our vast range of accessories can be used across nearly every industry, including electronics, motor vehicle, aerospace, machine tool building, Industrial Assembly, and tons more.