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Automotive prototyping systems and solutions

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Cutting edge solutions for any phase in the automotive prototyping process

Industry 4.0 continues to drastically transform every manufacturing industry, but especially the automotive industry. With these changes taking place, it's more important than ever to streamline and optimize the automotive prototyping process. As such a critical step in the automotive validation process, accuracy, efficiency, and speed is of the utmost importance.

We are a proud supplier of solutions used in prototyping for the global automotive industry. With more than a decade of focused know-how and extensive expertise in the automotive manufacturing industry, we combine fastening, self-pierce riveting, industrial dispensing, flow drill fastening, and more to innovate state-of-the-art solutions for your automotive prototyping processes.

For any phase in the automotive prototyping process, Atlas Copco's comprehensive selection of cutting-edge systems, solutions, and tools get the job done


Together we solve every challenge in the prototype phase of your vehicle design

Collaborate with us during the critical prototype phase of your project. We can deliver solutions that will help ensure your safety-critical, self-pierce riveted joints are top quality. We have the most comprehensive rivet library in the market, if we don't have the right rivet for your application, we will work with you to develop it and provide the best rivet setting equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

We offer a comprehensive innovation partnership and accompany you in every step of the development process. Benefit from our extensive competence and let us help you to solve your joining challenge.

Engineer the perfect joint

Benefit from our joining competence across multiple technologies and let us help you engineer the perfect joint for your requirements.

Optimize your time to production start

We ensure that your joining and tightening solutions are developed and tested in real life conditions and processes so they are ready for implementation on the production line.

Lower your process and quality costs

Increase productivity and quality and solve current prototype challenges. We help you optimize your applications and processes before you go to production.

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Henrob T-Rivets with Body-In-White

Creating a strong, reliable joint with self-pierce riveting

13 November, 2019

Error-proofing techniques to achieve the perfect SPR joint quality, every time. You need to know that your self-pierced rivets are correctly inserted. You can visually inspect the rivet head which should indicate that you have a sound joint, although this is only part of the story.

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The automotive industry is ever-evolving. Remain agile and on top of the latest automotive industry trends with our Smart Connected Solutions. By combining the right tools with the right software, your production line will become smarter, more productive, and more flexible. Learn more about Industry 4.0.