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In this series of educational videos, our ‘Lab Boss’ Jason Benford performs various torque tests to show off the power and durability Atlas Copco tools have to offer!
In the Lab
A hand holding a smartphone on a dark background. On the smartphone's lock screen there is a notification from ALTURE, Atlas Copco's data analysis. The app has detected a negative trend from the tightening tools in production.

ALTURE® - Data analysis solutions from Atlas Copco

Data shows...


98% of data is not utilized due to lack of analytics capabilities​


Up to 8% increase in daily production due to utilizing data​


Up to 10% maintenance cost reduction by avoiding unplanned breakdowns​

Data-driven opportunities

Data is powerful, but without intelligence and experience applied to this raw information, there is little of value in it. Data requires insights to become more than just numbers, allowing you to comprehend different paths of reaching your goals and making the right decisions.

Now, there is an alternate future full of opportunities… 

ALTURE Optimize - Data-driven service for production optimization

Data is the source of your decision-making powers and opens up an alternate future full of opportunities.​

Supporting the vision of Industry 4.0, we have developed data-driven services for maintenance, quality and process optimization. Applying advanced analytics and machine learning to your production data, combined with our expertise knowledge of component joining techniques such as tightening, gluing, riveting, etc., we identify and proactively address emerging risks before issues occur. The solutions enable you to improve quality, uptime and first-time-through production. It is the way we define Smart Factory!

ALTURE : Maintain
ALTURE Maintain mobile app makes service maintenance planning easier with notifications
ALTURE : Maintain
For optimal maintenance
For optimal maintenance
For optimal maintenance
ALTURE : Optimize
ALTURE Optimize mobile app to prevent issue in the production line and receive recommendations on hw to solve problems
ALTURE : Optimize
For production optimization
For production optimization
For production optimization

Data-Driven services: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important production data?

  • Data that can improve productivity and quality
  • Data that can support continuous improvements
  • Data that can detect critical quality issues, indications leading to downtime or extensive reworking

Manufacturers have always tried to collect valuable production data by timing jobs and visual inspections. Today we can rely on smart integrated devices to produce information automatically and support data collection.  

However, it's essential to utilize production data correctly to improve overall productivity and quality.

What are the benefits for me of using a Cloud-based solution for data analysis?

ALTURE®, our data-driven service, is a cloud-based solution. We have chosen the cloud for three main reasons.

  • To embrace the best algorithms and well-trained machine learning
  • To eliminate the limitation of computing power
  • To enable remote resolution of issues

In addition, having data on the cloud will minimize additional work for the customers’ IT Departments. Modern cloud providers ensure data stay close to the customers, supporting low latency and national data legislation.

Should I be concerned about cybersecurity when using your data-driven services?

No, but you need to be sure to meet your IT requirements.

We strive for security and strictly follow industry security standards, such as SOC-2 and ISO27001.

We use MS Azure as a data center, providing a high-security level. For us, it is crucial that the customer’s IT department approves our setup and feels trust that we manage the information. Therefore, we only use reliable connectivity technologies endorsed by many customers' IT professionals.

The customer only shares relevant information for optimizing the production processes and maintenance of the tools. Any data outside this scope is filtered before it is sent to the cloud service.

While using ALTURE®our customers have full control of access. Users log in with their company account, ensuring their company's authentication requirements are met and making it user-friendly.

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Our services
Explore our service solutions for assembly tools
Explore our service solutions for assembly tools
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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