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Meet the Atlas Copco Industrial Tool Location platforms: ILG, ILT and Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS)

As part of Atlas Copco’s Total Workstation product portfolio, we offer three Tool Location platforms that ensure high-level system security and quality with virtually no room for operator error or oversight.

Industrial Location Guidance (ILG) is an integrated error-proofing system that ensures process security for applications ranging from simple to complex. Industrial Location Tethering (ILT) is a wireless tool location solution for battery powered tools. And finally, Industrial Location SpotPoint, our newest addition to the Industrial Tool Location product catalog, is a wireless, high-level line of sight error-proofing process security system. 

Workstation solutions from Atlas Copco simplify production processes and improve ergonomics and safety in plants, thus unlocking productivity gains once impossible. As your strategic partner, it’s important that our customers and distributors know that we are more than just a tool and assembly solution supplier. We’re on your side and on your team, ready to assist your facility in becoming as proficient as it can be.  

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Introducing: Industrial Location Guidance (ILG)

This integrated, stand-alone system tracks the location of the tool being used relative to the fastening position, guaranteeing that the correct fasteners are tightened to specification in the proper sequence. ILG’s method of error-proofing is reliable and virtually fool-proof. A ‘forced order’ feature disables operators from choosing the tightening sequence or order of the positions. This feature ensures consistent production quality through process security, regardless of which operator is performing the tightening. Should you want to give your operators more flexibility, the ‘free order’ feature can be enabled. This feature gives operators the freedom to choose the tightening sequence or the order of the positions. 

No matter the order feature chosen, ILG improves production quality through complete traceability. It reduces costs and boosts productivity by eliminating the need for additional quality checks. 

Introducing: Industrial Location Tethering (ILT)

The Atlas Copco ILT solution consists of a base station and a tool tag. We encourage customers to visualize ILT as a virtual cable, as ILT tethers to a specific workstation, ensuring that a connected battery tool can only be used within its permitted work zone. Using a wireless distance measurement technology, this system monitors the distance between the base station and the tool tag. Tool orientation detection continually tracks the distance between the two components. Users can easily define criteria for roll and pitch angles, providing joint differentiation in certain applications. ILT allows for simple configuration and it communicates via Open Protocol.

With the capability to integrate with the Power Focus 6000 (PF6000) tightening controller, user-defined commands related to tools and Psets can be sent to the controller. Through a Virtual Station, your tool and assembly station accessories are controlled, bringing your plant one step closer to Smart Connected Assembly. 

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Introducing: Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS)

Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS) is the newest addition to Atlas Copco’s Industrial Tool Location portfolio. It’s a wireless, bolt-level error-proofing system for battery-powered tools, low reaction tools, and more. Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS) consists of a receiver and transmitters; the receiver triangulates the transmitter positions and generates location data values for the transmitter location. Through Open Protocol, the tool’s position is validated and used to enable or disable the tool. SpotPoint exceeds the current industry need for flexibility, efficiency, and freedom in production processes. 

Allowing for use on multiple station process types (stop stations, repair stations, even continuous moving lines), Industrial Location SpotPoint can be used with manual or fixtured tools and it integrates with the PF6000. It easily adapts to other assembly equipment, and it no longer requires a Smart arm for bolt-level error-proofing. 

If you’re interested in learning all that Atlas Copco Workstation solutions offer, contact us today and schedule an in-person or remote demo!

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