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Low Reaction Tools - LRT

State of the art in reaction free tightening

Ergonomics and productivity in a smart solution, with outstanding performance

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Enhance ergonomics

Boost productivity

Get flexibility in production

Improve quality

Choose the right tool for low reaction tightening!

Take care of quality tightening while taking good care of the operator. Atlas Copco's Low Reaction Tools eliminate most of the reaction force in assembly applications, greatly improving operator comfort and delivering high-speed tightening.

If you need a small and reliable workhorse that promises accuracy and speed, the pneumatic Ergo Pulse PTI is an excellent solution.

For a low reaction tool with maximum flexibility, high torque and the lowest vibration on the market – a cordless and powerful Atlas Copco TBP Pulse Tool is your choice.

For a reliable and accurate low reaction tightening with lower torque, the cordless Tensor SRB offers an error-proof production.

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