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Compressor oil

Atlas Copco has a complete range of unique compressor oils, adapted to portable compressors.

Wear Resistance

In operating conditions where the lubrication film is not sufficient, moving parts could briefly make contact. Anti-wear additives form a protective layer on such moving parts and prevent them from getting damaged.

Oxidation Resistance

When exposed to oxygen, high temperatures, water or dust, the oil will oxidize, creating oxidation products, acids and deposits that will decrease the oil life and may cause damage and undermine the compressor’s performance.

Separating Water

During the Compressor’s use in various applications it can cause vaporization of water depending on the relative humidity and the ambient temperature. It is important to separate this water from oil in order to avoid an increase in the rate of oxidation and keep high oil lubrication performance.

Pick the right lubricant

Every type of machine needs a specific lubricant, and that’s not all. To achieve maximum uptime, performance and equipment lifetime, the choice of lubricant will also depend on the application, ambient conditions, flow pattern and maintenance intervals.

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Compressor oil matrix

Compressor oils: