Torque Controllers

Advanced controllers

Atlas Copco advanced controllers and software provide intuitive monitoring and control of tightening operations performed using Atlas Copco electric assembly tools. Assembly process control and quality assurance is made easy by advanced control functions. The system guides the operator through the assembly process, avoiding mistakes that can result in costly quality problems. Read more


With two hardware versions, Power Focus 6000 and Power Focus 6000 LV, this easy to use due 7" touch screen has intuitive software. The web HMI enables you to configure and monitor the controller from any device with a web browser. This product fulfill all demands, from the most basic stand-alone installation to full integration into the factory network. The modules fit together using the “plug-and-play” concept. Can be upgraded with a USB stick.


Designed for Industry 4.0 and is Atlas Copco's most innovative controller for MicroTorque. The MTF6000 elevates Atlas Copco's low torque tightening offer with advanced tightening strategies, a wide range of communication possibilities and smart solutions for high efficiency in any tightening process. For more information about MicroTorque controllers see chapter Electric Assembly Tools.

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