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Safety first. A sound business priority with simply no bad vibes.

A manufacturing plant can be a hazardous place to be if you are an operator. Noise and vibrations expose operators using tools and solutions on the factory floor to unnecessary physical strain. And when safety is compromised and accidents become inevitable, productivity and quality on your assembly line suffers. Not to mention the personal tragedy for the individual.

Long-term exposure to vibrating handheld tools can, if not controlled, lead to damaged nerve cells, vascular injury and a number of musculoskeletal disorders. High sound levels are present in many different manufacturing processes and depending on the magnitude of the issue, can create a feeling of stress and fatigue or even occupational hearing loss. The latter one of the most common work-related disorders in the industry.

The answer to these, and other common safety risks in industrial manufacturing, is implementing more ergonomic solutions on the factory floor. And who knows this better than the company whose commitment to ergonomics remains just as strong as the day our ergonomic program was established back in 1958. Our tools and solutions are for example developed to reduce vibration exposure by isolating vibrations from gripped surfaces, but also reduce heavy noise emissions. No matter the tool, its design will ensure operator safety.

Operator safety is a key factor in modern day industrial manufacturing. Let us share our insights, experiences and knowledge to help you drive your manufacturing processes in a more operator-friendly and safe way.

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