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In Ultra Modern Electronic Manufacturing Factory operator in cleanroom produces Microchip for Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor manufacturing

Getting it right from the start. Down to the nanometre.

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Helping you conduct a semiconductor manufacturing symphony in perfect harmony

Semiconductors are the brains of modern electronics that make our world go round. Found everywhere, the increasing demand is driven by growth in the industrial, automotive, cloud and network infrastructure industries.

Atlas Copco is a trusted assembly solution provider for major semiconductor equipment manufacturing worldwide. 

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is a fine-tuned symphony of technology and processes. With our tightening tools and software solutions for quality control, Atlas Copco can help get your manufacturing processes right from the start and take them to a higher level.

Turning semiconductor manufacturing process challenges into a competitive opportunity

The manufacturing process of semiconductors is almost 100% automated, but the assembly of the production equipment used to manufacture them is often not. In many of these assembly plants, thousands of screws are placed manually by an operator. With quality margins measured down to the billionth of a metre this can be a challenge.

Industry 4.0 is changing the way companies manufacture, improve, and distribute their products. By integrating new technologies, analytics, AI, and machine learning, manufacturers are creating Smart Factories. Digital transformation of manufacturing processes and the implementation of process control systems offer measurable competitive advantages in terms of new levels of operational efficiency and responsiveness to customer demands.

Industry 4.0 by Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a strategic partner offering our customers a comprehensive pathway in their transformation to Industry 4.0 and fully connected Smart Factories.

Smart connected assembly tools for factories and field operations. Fully integrated assembly line solutions from design to production as well as a unique set of data driven services for more efficient, flexible, adaptable, and safe manufacturing processes. The result is reduced downtime, better use of materials and energy with a substantial waste reduction.

Together we can make a real difference for a more productive, profitable and sustainable future.

Cleanroom certified tools

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of cleanroom certified tightening tools. From torque controllers, tool positioning systems, torque wrenches to automated screw driving with collaborative robots and error proofing software for product assembly processes.

Our portfolio of tools and solutions for tightening and process control, reduces the risk for costly downtime caused by inadequate tightening quality or human error. That’s why Atlas Copco is the assembly solution provider of choice for manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

operator assembling equipment used in the semiconductor industry

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Semiconductor manufacturing

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