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ضواغط هواء
ضواغط هواء
Process gas and air equipment
الصيانة وقطع الغيار
ضواغط هواء
زيادة الكفاءة إلى أقصى حد
الأدوات الصناعية والحلول
Power Equipment
Power Equipment
Energy Storage Systems
Light construction and demolition equipment
المنتجات والحلول
ضواغط الهواء
المنتجات والحلول
الضواغط البحرية
معدات الغاز والهواء للعمليات
مولدات الطاقة
مجموعة التأجير

Quality, environment, health & safety: triple certification

As an industry first, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has awarded Atlas Copco with triple certification, and that means a lot for you!

ISO9001: High quality compressors, generators and services

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has awarded Atlas Copco with ISO 9001 certification

From the state-of-the-art technology that is at the heart of every single unit of ours to the specialists that will work with you on-site to come up with matching answers and set-ups: you will rent top quality equipment and work with highly trained experts to get excellent results.

ISO14001: Making sustainability work

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has awarded Atlas Copco with ISO 14001 certification

By choosing us you actively contribute to more sustainable production and - in the big picture - a better world.

In everything we do durability is built in. We commit ourselves to make our products and services faster, more energy efficient, safer and more ergonomic.

From optimizing our generator's fuel efficiency and limiting noise levels to delivering oil free air that improves your machines' lifetime and makes your work environment healthier: Atlas Copco Rental stands for sustainable production.

Find out more about corporate responsibility at Atlas Copco.

OHSAS18001: Caring about people

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has awarded Atlas Copco with OHSAS 18001 certification

Our OHSAS18001 certification means that both our products and our procedures optimally minimize health & safety risks at every possible level - for both your staff and our employees.

By addressing issues like training and emergency preparedness in an internationally standardized framework, we actively help reduce the potential for accidents.

In short - it makes you and us work better!

Atlas Copco Rental: Safety means a lot to us

Safety is part of our DNA and for each project we ensure it is at the heart of our thoughts, for you, for us, the everyone around!


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