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Vacuum solutions for Semiconductor manufacturing

The semiconductor and electronics industries are transforming our lives by enabling us to enjoy the comfort of new technologies and innovations.

The semiconductor and electronics industries are instrumental to the continued development of technologies and innovations that are transforming our day to day lives. Smartphones, PCs, gaming devices and more are some of the most powerful and intricate pieces of technology ever developed. At the heart of this technology is a tiny microchip. Despite being miniscule, these chips are among the most complex pieces of equipment in existence today and manufacturing them requires a production process that is highly sensitive. 

Semiconductor fabrication is among the world’s fastest evolving industries, with new products continuously demanding faster speeds and higher specs. This process in turn needs a reliable and steady supply of vacuum. Clean, consistent house vacuum is required for testing, holding, pick-and-place, packaging operations within the industry. Thus, selecting the right vacuum pump solution is crucial for the production process.

The need for vacuum in semiconductor manufacturing

House Vacuum is used for all pick-and-place and handling operations of any “integrated circuit” manufacturing process such as handling, cutting, forming, testing. Etc. Since a semiconductor chip includes numerous components, the need for ultra-precise fabrication of semiconductors is essential and vacuum is crucial in every step of production.


Vacuum level is between 100 and 400 mbar abs. to secure right level at every equipment and to ensure no contamination from backflow. A typical semiconductor factory may require a flow from 2000 to 8000 m3/h, but larger can require more than 12000 m3/h. Factories operate 24/7 and house vacuum cannot fail. Hence, redundancy and reliability are a must.

Energy-efficient vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco for the Semiconductor Industry

Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD⁺ rotary screw vacuum pump is a popular choice in the semiconductor industry because VSD+ is more than just a “variable speed drive.” The GHS VSD+ is equipped with a proprietary logic controller and software that deliver consistent vacuum level throughout the fab. Our intelligent vacuum pump is a green innovation leader that cuts energy consumption significantly, reducing environmental impact to drive sustainability.

Atlas Copco also offers the complete range of DZS VSD+ dry claw vacuum pumps and LRP VSD+ liquid ring vacuum pumps. Their durable, proven designs are well suited to smaller fab operations, for direct replacements of existing pumps, or where lower acquisition cost matters more than total lifecycle cost. The capacity range and VSD+ technology of all Atlas Copco vacuum pumps means they are ideal for central vacuum systems, including the house vacuum found in semiconductor fabs. 

Benefit from Atlas Copco’s innovative oil-retention systems

In a house vacuum network, the air molecules travel in the direction of the vacuum pump, and at the designed vacuum level the density of the flow is still considerable. For this reason, oil molecules and moisture cannot migrate towards the process. Vacuum pumps are often located far from the production halls in a dedicated utility room. This gives freedom to select the pump technology without worrying about hydrocarbon contamination of the network. Attention should be made, though, to the environment at the discharge side of the vacuum pumps.

Atlas Copco vacuum pumps such as the GHS VSD+ oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump range are equipped with superior oil retention systems. If required, additional filtration systems at the pump exhaust can be fitted to ensure that no contamination is added to the atmosphere and sophisticated air circulation/filtration systems surrounding the fab.


If the need is for a Class 0 certified dry technology vacuum pump, Atlas Copco offers the DZS VSD+ dry claw vacuum pump product line.

Delivering consistent vacuum levels

Semiconductor fabs historically had problems with their house vacuum due to large fluctuations of the vacuum level. The performance of conventional pumps degrades due to wear and environment conditions such as temperature variations.


Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ oil lubricated rotary screw design maintains consistent performance regardless of environmental conditions. Whatever speed is desirable for the process is always available. Equipped with Atlas Copco’s VSD+ technology, the GHS VSD+ automatically speeds up and slows down to match the varying demand for vacuum, maintaining the required set point with maximum efficiency.

Smart Connectivity

Atlas Copco VSD+ vacuum pumps are designed for smart connectivity via the latest generation communication protocols, making it ready for Industry 4.0.

Atlas Copco’s HEX@™ vacuum pump controller allows your pumps to be truly plug and play and goes a step further by allowing you to integrate and connect them to the level you require, based on the demands of your process. It integrates the vacuum solution seamlessly with the rest of the fab processes and communicates with plant systems (and you) before it needs service.

Energy Recovery

As much as 90% of the electrical energy used by a vacuum solution is converted into heat. With Atlas Copco’s integrated energy recovery system, up to 75% of that energy can be recovered as hot water with no impact on the machine’s performance.

Efficient use of the recovered energy provides important cost savings and faster ROI, and it can help you to fulfill your energy management and environmental commitments according to ISO 50001/14001.

Simple Maintenance & Repair

At Atlas Copco we care about your production continuity and know what you need for your vacuum pumps to work reliably. That's why, we want to be your vacuum pump service partner. Our experienced vacuum specialists are ready to carry out routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and commissioning of your vacuum equipment anywhere in the world, bringing best practice solutions directly to you.

From providing regular maintenance services to addressing your precise needs tailored to suit your service requirements, our expert teams ensure that we exceed your expectations in performance of your vacuum pumps.