Dispelling Myths: Quiet Power

Atlas Copco developed the super-silent generators in order to offer you low noise level. For this reason, the experts in power generators provide a new view about these quiet generator with the Dispelling myths.

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The myth:

Generators… They are very noisy machines that disrupt the workplace and have a negative effect on productivity. I have a lot of complaints especially when work on events and construction works in the city. Noise pollution! I need power but not such a noisy machine!


Our expert dispels the myth:

Generators, they usually make a lot of noise but not all of them. With more than 30 years of experience in power generators in Atlas Copco we believe that there is no innovation if this innovation is not leading to higher productivity and utilization for our customers. The new fifth generation of QAS range what we call QAS 5 is giving this and much more. The electric variable speed drive cooling system can assure a really super-silent machine with five to eight decibels lower noise levels than competition. This sets QAS 5 apart in terms of utilization on specialized power applications such as events, metropolitan construction and utility emergency response. QAS 5 will boost your return on investment. No application or job will resist.

Sergio Salvador , Product Manager
Power and Flow division

Dispelling Myths: Quiet Power

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