LED light tower HiLight H5+

Efficient compactness

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Reduced fuel consumption


Runtime with lamps on


Service interval


Luminosity with a 20 lux (brightness)


Life expectancy

Efficient transport

10 units in a 13m truck

Fuel efficienct light tower

0,5 l/h

Extra safety features

The light tower has a hydraulic vertical mast

Fuel saving light tower

H5 plus light tower solution

Lighting your site

Extremely efficient, the HiLight H5+ demonstrates exceptional fuel consumption as well as offering the best luminosity. With 4 LED floodlights each projecting 350W of light, the HiLight H5+ light tower can illuminate an area of 5.000 m2.

Compactness in a trailer

Easy to transport, the model’s compact size means 10 units can be moved on a standard 13-metre truck.

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  • HiLight light tower range english 2.6 MB, PDF

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