ZB 5-6 VSD+ oil-free centrifugal air compressor

The ZB 5-6 VSD+ oil-free turbo blower: unique design with proven efficiency

The integrated magnetic bearing technology of our new ZB 5-6 VSD+ (100-250 kW / 134-335 hp) oil-free turbo blowers makes it the perfect fit for all your low pressure applications up to 1.4 bar(g) / 20.3 psig.

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Durable technology, smart design

Thanks to the magnetic bearing technology, no air is used from the system to operate the machine, thus pressure variations will not trouble the operation of our new ZB oil-free turbo blower at all.

Much more than only the turbo technology

Having the most efficient turbo technology is not enough. To really enhance the capacities of our ZB 5-6 VSD+ turbo blower, every component has been designed and selected to deliver the best performance and the longest lifetime.

No hidden surprises

Comparing blowers can be a hard and confusing job. Our motive is very simple: you will get what we quote. We will tell you exactly which flow and pressure our machines will produce for your process as well as how much electricity in total it will consume. If you are lost just call us and we will help you.

What makes our ZB 5-6 VSD+ so suited for a variety of low pressure applications?

Want to know more about our ZB 5-6 VSD+ oil-free turbo blower?

Take a closer look at our ZB 5-6 VSD+ oil-free turbo blowers by downloading our brochure —with technical specifications— as a PDF:

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The ZB 5-6 VSD+: going one step further for you

The ZB 5-6 VSD+: going one step further for you


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Stay in tune with Optimizer 4.0