Smart AIR solutions

A combination of products & services that together provide the lowest life cycle cost considering design of the complete system.

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Only a complete air system is an energy-efficient solution. We designed a range of class-leading compressed air products, fully optimized to work better together. A smart AIR solution is the most efficient and reliable combination of a compressor with our air and gas equipment. This solution can include dryers, filters, controllers, energy recovery systems, generators, air receivers, coolers or boosters specified to your needs.

Highest reliability

Reliability is of critical importance to us and our customers. To ensure reliability we have been running computer simulations, testing components and testing the complete packages in both our own factory and several customer application sites before bringing them to the industry and our customers.

Ultimate efficiency

Its not just about individual products, its about combining products together and using control and energy recovery to minimize waste and reduce operating costs. Its about having a maintenance contract to ensure you maintain the efficiency and monitoring so that you can adapt to changes in the operating conditions.

Minimal service

Design new components with less moving parts and integrate multiple components into a single component, with an aim to increase the duration between service interventions as well as reduce individual component service time. Over a life cycle of 10 years, servicing time reduced by 50% while equipment availability increased further, best in the industry.

The new smart AIR solutions portfolio

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Customer stories

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Atlas Copco supports Aquafin with their total cost of ownership approach

Find out the importance of total cost of ownership in wastewater treatment applications and how Atlas Copco supports this approach.


Efficient pneumatic conveying of bulk material at Schomburg in Germany with Atlas Copco

Schomburg has facilitated the transport of their bulk materials through the installation of an efficient stationary compressor system. Two oil-injected GA screw compressors and two oil-free ZE low pressure compressors were installed. The installation improved the quality of the raw materials and dramatically increased the efficiency of the pneumatic transport. Schomburg has been around for 80 years. The core competences of the company are: building sealing, repair and tile composite sealing.

Two of our ZE 2 oil-free compressors now supply the unloading points with conveying air. With the purchase of these compressed air solutions, Schomburg not only solved the noise problem, but also improved the compressed air quality and the conveying process itself.


Making quality industrial gases requires quality air

Air Liquide uses our oil-free centrifugal compressor ZH+ technology to produce oxygen and nitrogen. Find out why they rely on this energy-efficient and reliable solution.

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