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Advantages of On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Learn how a nitrogen production on site works and the advantages

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17 August 2021

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Nitrogen generator NGP 450 + installation

How Does On-Site Nitrogen Production Work?

Imagine that your production has ramped up and your supplier cannot deliver nitrogen quickly. Do you want nitrogen to be available quickly and immediately? An on-site nitrogen supply is the solution.

Simply produce nitrogen yourself and save money in the process. With a nitrogen skid you can produce nitrogen in the required quantity and purity directly on site.

It works like this:

  1. A compressor supplies compressed air, which is stored and then processed by a nitrogen generator and passed on in a container.
  2. The nitrogen generator controls the pressure and the purity of the nitrogen and ensures the required standards.
  3. The nitrogen is now available for production.

Every application with fluctuating nitrogen requirements can benefit from this solution. You can fill your bottles yourself. All components of the nitrogen skid are extremely energy-efficient, so you significantly reduce your compressed air and power consumption.

Nitrogen Skids Explained

This video shows you how a nitrogen skid works.

Advantages of On-Site Nitrogen Generation Directly at the Production Site

The independent nitrogen generation can generate a multitude of advantages. These are mainly due to the constant availability around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advantages include:

  • increasing efficiency
  • lowering operating costs through potential savings in rent and transport
  • independence of production from external suppliers, an in-house nitrogen generator can score here.

In addition, no order administration is required and valuable storage space for nitrogen cylinder bundles is saved. The on-site nitrogen generation not only protects your wallet, but also contributes to environmental protection and CO2 reduction.

Which Industries and Locations are Nitrogen Generators Worthwhile?

The potential savings discussed can be achieved in all industries such as

  • the glass, plastics or food industries 
  • in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products 
  • in laser cutting
  • at all locations, including on the high seas

The industries in which nitrogen is used are diverse, including

  • chemistry
  • metal heat treatment
  • semiconductor production
  • electronics industry
  • animal feed production
  • food and beverage industry
  • plastics production and many more.

The payback period can be influenced by electricity prices as wll as your specific product requirements. However, if you look at the on-site nitrogen generation on site as a whole, it almost always pays off. 

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