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Image from the DuPont DRTC application movie. This trainingcenter for paintspray application has a lot of expertise on high quality industrial painting.

Automotive air compressor solutions

Our compressed air solutions for the automotive industry have the highest energy efficiency and satisfy the most stringent regulations. See how we drive the automotive industry around the world

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Extensive industry experience

Years of experience in air compressors for the automotive industry allows us to tailor our products to perfectly suit your needs, for any application from painting to assembly and more.

Highly efficient

We provide you with the best and most efficient air compressors for automotive air tools guaranteeing peace of mind for our customers

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Global network

Our global service network ensures you can always count on our colleagues wherever you are. Minimizing downtimes and decreasing total cost of ownership

Clean solutions for automated car paint lines

Highest quality standards apply for compressed air used in spray paint applications compliant with ISO norms. We develop solutions to avoid all and any paint defects and optimize efficiency.

Lower cost for high quality instrument air

Delivering products with a low total cost of ownership for our customers is what we strive for. Our automotive air compressors are extremely energy efficient, additionally monitoring systems such as the Variable Speed Drive avoid any air losses, this results in the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

One stop solution

We have all necessary technologies for any applications in the automotive industry. Compressed air is used in every phase of production from the assembly line to the paint, press and body shop. We are an end-to-end supplier for all your compressed air needs

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Hyundai optimizes energy efficiency in compressed air generation

How we improved the energy efficiency in compressed air generation, reduced 40 to 50% in maintenance costs, reached 0 breakdowns and reached a 100% reliability for the production of over 200.000 vehicles a year.


Paintspray application movie DuPont Belgium

Watercooled AQ compressor with an integrated refrigerant dryer


Saving energy for energy supplier Matrival

Matrival is one of the first companies to install the new Atlas Copco GA VSD+ compressor. A truly revolutionary machine, with an innovative vertical build and a very reliable permanent magnet motor. This compressor has a small footprint and guarantees energy efficiency.


Saving energy for automotive compressed air

We offer them the best possible energy savings. Learn how we were able to save our automotive customer around € 3 million per year.


Compressor applications for the automotive industry

Instrument air

Compressed air is used for robots and pneumatic tools for assembling cars.

Pneumatic conveying

Compressed air used for transport of raw materials/plastic, fabrication, moldings.

Pick and place

Compressed air is used to generate a vacuum without a need for decentralized equipment at your production line.

Car spray painting

Compressed air for multiple layers of car paint. Silicone-free air for water-borne car paint.

Laminating and testing of windshields

Compressed air is used to cut, transport, laminate and test the windshields for car manufacturers.

Wastewater Treatment

Compressed air is used to treat wastewater that is used during the production process in the automotive industry.

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