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Compressor service ranger at mining site in Cue pic four

Compressed air for the mining industry

Robust, energy-efficient and safe mining air compressors and blowers for all mining applications. Perform in the harshest conditions

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Rugged and reliable

Our compressors and blowers have a proven reputation for long term operation in tough mining conditions. Engineered to perform and provide the reliability you need

Safety first

Extensive array of built-in sensors and safety valves designed to protect your investment and personnel

Energy efficiency

Mining compressors with unrivalled energy efficiency

Decades of mining industry compressor experience

We have been manufacturing equipment for the mining industry for over a century. We help you maximise your operational efficiency and profitability with oil-injected and oil-free air compressors or blowers for all your mining applications:

  • geological exploration
  • surface and underground mining, and process
  • refining
  • pneumatic transport
  • filter presses
  • heap leaching
  • crushing and screening
  • froth flotation

Oxygen and nitrogen for refining

In addition to compressors, we offer a comprehensive range of packaged membrane and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen and N2 generators with purities optimized for your specific process needs. Our adsorption and refrigerant dryers, and filters ensure the compressed air and gases delivered to your processes will provide the highest productivity and lowest total cost of ownership. 

  • primary air to furnaces and kilns 
  • power generation 
  • instrument air 
  • coke oven gas recovery
  •  waste water treatment 
  • oxygen and nitrogen generation

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