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Compressed Air Leak Test

Ensure you are not wasting energy costs due to air leakages with a compressed air leak test

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Money Savings

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Energy Savings

Compressed air leak testing is a clean way to check if your compressed air system meets leak-tight specifications. Defects that cause leaks can result in significant problems costing you large amounts of savings. We offer compressed air leak tests to your compressed air production. If any leaks are detected, we will do our best to find the most suitable solution.

Why You Should Be Aware of Air Leaks

On average, 25% of compressed air produced in air compressors is wasted due to air leakages. Air leaks detection means any air leakages can be fixed sooner rather than later, and this will save you money. Regularly checking for leaks with a compressed air leak test is critical to maintaining an efficient compressed air system and minimising energy costs.

Leak Detection and Repair

Air leaks can be found in many parts of the compressed air system. Once the air leak is identified, fixing it can range from tightening the loose fittings to replacing faulty equipment. With out compressed air leaks test, we will find the right solution to fix any detected air leaks. If you suspect you may have an air leak get in touch with us today.

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Are You Wasting Money?

Compressed air leaks that are not fixed can eventually lead to reduced productivity, resulting in high operating costs. You can find out more about the expenses you could be losing due to air leakages over on our blog; Are you wasting money by not fixing compressed air leaks?