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An air assessment can often be sufficient in giving us a snapshat of your compressed air system, however a further need of an air audit, consisting of data logging, may be required. 

Air audits utilise data loggers to measure current (amps) and are designed to provide a snapshot of the compressed air utilisation within a given system. Data loggers gather needed information by being attached to an air compressor for a minimum of 7-14 days. The data logger will observe and record any trends and demand fluctuation throughout the week. Results of such air audits can provide a good understanding of the actual compressed air usage over a period of time, identify peaks and valleys in the air demand and help identify ways to improve the overall efficiency of the system. 

We can do the data logging for any compressor in the market, independently of the size and brand of the compressor. The idea of data logging is to get a full picture of how the compressed air system of the customer is behaving, how to improve that system, and how to deliver a system that is going to be more efficient and reliable to the customer.

Delfin Perozo , Product Manager

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